We have now completed several Classes of The Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy.  We now have nearly 30 students prepared to enter our “Apprentice Program”.  These students have several days of intensive training in four areas:

1. The operation of the Prevost Systems.

2. The operation of the Entertainer Conversion Systems.

3. How to deal with the entertainment business.

4. How to change driving habits to transition from Truck/Motorcoach driving.

Although they are very impressive, knowledgeable, and thorough drivers, they still need some experience “On the Road”.  Under our Apprentice Program, we are offering their services as double drivers, or relief drivers on an as needed basis.  We are not asking any bus company to put one of their top-quality veteran drivers out of work.  But as we move into the busy summer touring season, we all know from experience that finding drivers for a double drive will become more and more difficult.

That’s where these drivers will come in handy.

  • They all have a minimum of 3 years Commercial Driving experience (some have 10 or more) so they should qualify for your insurance program.
  • They can be on our payroll, if you would like them to, so that you don’t have to worry about those complications.
  • They will gain valuable knowledge by being out with your veteran drivers and may even make you a top-notch hand after a little experience.  There should be no reason that your client would even know that they are anything but a veteran driver.  They are entirely capable of giving your clients a smooth “Full Glass on the Dash” ride.  They have been schooled in how to keep their mouth shut and do their job.  They are highly motivated, anxious for a chance, and open to constructive criticism.  If you have any questions about their training, feel free to give me a call.

During the Apprentice program, their services are being offered at a reduced rate, which is negotiable, depending on your needs.

We also now have several drivers that have had a year or more experience in the Entertainer Business, and are capable of taking a tour on the road as the prime driver.  Keep these drivers in mind.

Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or thoughts!

As a member of the 2014 class of The Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy it is in my opinion the best,if not the ONLY way to start in the field. The information delivered by “Industry Leaders” is invaluable. Well worth the time and investment. You will be made more aware of the inner workings of the entertainer bus business, and if it’s right for you. Ultimately,how far you want to go depends totally on each individually. GREAT CLASS!!!! Dave Radtke

Class of 2014