1. How large of a class do you usually have?
    Our maximum class is 25, although we usually have between 15 & 20.
  2. Will there be any driving involved in this course?
    There will not be any driving in the course.  If you have the required 3 years minimum commercial driving experience, we assume that you already know how to handle a big rig.
  3. IF my application is accepted and I attend your training course and do very well, what is the likelihood of being accepted in a full time coach driving position?
    We DO NOT guarantee a job in the Entertainment Industry.  We do guarantee a 110% effort to find you a place.  It is a difficult industry to break into, let alone excel at.  Your skill sets will largely determine whether you can make it in the industry.
  4. If you get on as an apprentice do you make any kind of a living to survive until the day comes where they want you?
    During our “Apprentice Program”, income will be very spotty.  It is kind of hit and miss.  In the Industry, salary jobs come along now and then.  99% of the time (including under the Apprentice Program) a driver is paid per day, per job.  We don’t expect a driver to stay in the Apprentice Program very long.  It will take just a few days of work to find out whether the driver has the “stuff”….and for the driver to find out whether this occupation works for them!
  1. Also have you placed anyone that’s attended your school with anybody Big in the business yet?
    About 25% of our students have done well enough to land a full time job. Another 25% have been given an opportunity, but have failed. The other 50% have had Job Interviews and/or Apprentice Work, but have not landed a Full Time Position yet. Success or Failure is highly dependent on the particular student’s skill sets. This is not an industry where you get hired on and step right into a position. You have to earn your way in.  Keep in mind that nearly 100% of the job placement will take place between June 15th and September 15th.  The chances of breaking into the business during the other part of the year are negligible.
  1. My goal is to drive for someone big in preferably in country music.
    Don’t limit yourself to one genre.  In any given year, you’ll drive for anywhere from 10 to 20 different artists….of all genres.  If you limit it to just country, you will cut your income in half.
  1. I could go drive a greyhound or tour bus but I need to learn how things work from someone in the business.  So by attending your class , would there be a shot at learning from someone who already is driving?  And driving for a star or upcoming star.
    The classes are taught not only by myself and Tandy Rice (Tandy is a veteran Music Row Manager and Agent.  I drove for nearly 20 years prior to founding Nitetrain Coach 23 years ago and running the company as President until I retired in 2010), but by Veteran Drivers, Road Managers, Music Business Insurance Agents and Security Personnel, and owners of Entertainer Bus Companies.  In the Apprentice Program, you would work as the relief driver for a veteran driver, actually driving with an Artist, Band, or Crew.  Any experience you could get with a seated bus or tour bus company would be to your advantage.  This Academy is designed to help make the transition from there to Entertainer Driving.
  1. Can I get into the business by knocking on doors? I’ve been making phone calls and sending resumes, but no one will listen.
    Every company in the entertainer business has a “3 years minimum experience in the Entertainer Coach Business policy”.  If you can’t verify that, your resume will not even be considered.
  1. How do I get that experience?
    That was the point of my retirement from Nitetrain Coach at the beginning 2010.  I wanted to be able to give drivers that wanted to make the transition from Trucking or Charter Bus, a way to get some training and to also be able to help place these students in a position to find a job.
  1. I have over 20 years of professional driving experience.  This includes the operation of several different models of motor coaches as well as driving them in varying states, distances and purposes.  My question is, what does enrollment in the Academy provide a seasoned driver?
    Every major Entertainer Coach Company in the United States requires a minimum of 3 yrs experience driving entertainers on entertainer coaches. If you have that experience, you don’t need the academy. If you don’t….it’s the first time anyone has ever tried to answer the question: How do you get the experience?If you’ve never worked in the entertainment industry, even though the busses are similar, there are a lot of differences. Very few drivers ever make the transition into the elite status of “Star Driver.”We only accept veteran drivers at the Academy and our purpose is to try to teach them how to make the transition from Seated Bus or Truck Driving to Entertainer Driving. We try to teach two different things at the Academy:

    How to deal with the systems that are added to an Entertainer Coach (Generators, Inverters, Tracking Satellite, Mobile Internet, Electrical, Plumbing)

    How to deal with the Music Business Personality

    Our Top Billing Driver Placement Service works to break our students into the business. This is a very rewarding career, but it is for the most dedicated, best of the best drivers.

  1. Does it matter if I don’t live in Nashville?
    Entertainer Coach Drivers live all over America. However, since 80% of all Entertainer Coach Companies are based in the Nashville area, there is an advantage to living here. But it is not essential!


As a member of the 2014 class of The Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy it is in my opinion the best,if not the ONLY way to start in the field. The information delivered by “Industry Leaders” is invaluable. Well worth the time and investment. You will be made more aware of the inner workings of the entertainer bus business, and if it’s right for you. Ultimately,how far you want to go depends totally on each individually. GREAT CLASS!!!!

Dave Radtke

Class of 2014